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Teeth Whitening Johnstown, CO

Did you know there is an easy and effective way to instantly brighten your smile? Professional teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic dentistry treatment because of how fast and effective it is. If you would like improve the appearance of your teeth, Thompson Advanced Dentistry offers teeth whitening treatment to our patients from Johnstown, CO. Dr. Joseph Thompson uses only the latest cosmetic treatments that are sure to give you the superior results you want.

Teeth Whitening Johnstown, CO

How do Teeth Get Stained?

Teeth will begin to darken naturally as we age. The enamel the covers your teeth will slowly begin to thin out. This will expose the yellow dentin and make your teeth appear dull and yellow. Genetics and certain medications also play a huge roll in the color of your teeth. For many people, having yellow teeth is just something they have little control over. However, the most common reasons teeth become stained, yellow, and dull are due to the foods and drinks we consume like tea and red wine. Additionally, bad habits such as smoking and poor oral hygiene also play a huge role.

The KöR Whitening System in Johnstown, CO

KöR is a sophisticated professional teeth whitening treatment that addresses many of the problems people have with other whitening treatments. The formula used in the whitening gel penetrates deeper into the teeth tackling hard to reach, tough stains. It also causes little to no tooth sensitivity which is a common side effect with most professional teeth whitening systems.

The KöR Whitening System is drastically different from other professional whitening treatments. It can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades and can tackle stains no other treatment can. While it is extremely effective, it also requires a commitment. You must be willing to wear a tray every night for two weeks and do a maintenance treatment once a month. However, the results are lasting and permanent.

How KöR Whitening Works

Starting your KöR Whitening System journey is simple. You will visit our Johnstown, CO dentist office where we will take molds of your teeth. These will be used to fabricate your custom made KöR-Seal Whitening Trays. You will be sent home with your trays and whitening gel as well as with specific instructions on how to use them over the next two weeks. After two weeks of at-home bleaching, you will return to our office for one final in-office treatment. This appointment should only take one to two hours. It is recommended that you do a periodic maintenance treatment to maintain the results. This involves doing a bleaching treatment about once a month.

What if my teeth just do not respond to professional teeth whitening?

Even the most advanced professional teeth whitening systems can’t tackle every single stain. Unfortunately, there are some stains on teeth that simply cannot be removed. For these patients, we offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments that are permanent. The most popular of these is porcelain veneers. Teeth veneers allow Dr. Thompson to design a custom veneer that will cover the front and sides of the tooth. You will be able to pick the shade you want your teeth to be and hide every cosmetic issue you have. We also offer tooth bonding which is more affordable but the results are not long-lasting.

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