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Dental Implants Cost Greeley, CO

Dental implants are considered the best choice to replace damaged or missing teeth. Dr. Joseph Thompson offers many types of teeth implants in Greeley, CO for patients missing one or more teeth. However, it is important for patients to understand that they are long term investment in their health. They are expensive but will prevent the need for further dental care and require very little maintenance.

Dental Implants Costs in Greeley, CO

Are Dental Implants Expensive?

Generally speaking, dental implants tend to be the more expensive tooth replacement option. When you compare them to the cost of dentures and dental bridges, you will see this. However, they offer several more benefits over them including a more natural feel and function, improved speech, and better eating ability.

Dental implants also require more sophisticated procedures, appointments, and high quality materials. This is what undoubtedly drives up the cost. Dentures and dental bridges do not require surgeries or multiple dental visits over the span many months. In fact, your new denture or bridge will be ready in less than a month. However, they come with eating restrictions, a less stable fit, damage to surrounding teeth, and maintenance costs in the upcoming years. The maintenance and replacement costs may even exceed the cost of dental implants eventually.

How Much Will My Dental Implant Treatment Cost?

There are several factors that will determine your total cost of treatment:

  • The Number of Dental Implants You Need: Dental implants are sophisticated dental materials typically made of titanium. The more of them you require, the higher your costs will be.
  • The Type of Dental Implant Required: There are different types of dental implants available and each with varying costs. Implant fixtures have to come is various diameters and lengths to accommodate different bone densities and locations along the jaw.
  • What Kind of Material is Being Used: Dental implants can be made from different materials such as titanium, zirconia, or ceramic. These all vary in cost and impact your total bill. In most cases, titanium is used.
  • The Need for Preparatory Procedures: Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, you may need preparatory procedures. This can include a bone graft if you lack enough bone to support the implant fixtures. Also, you may need extractions, gum disease treatment, or an infection addressed which can all add to the overall cost.

Dental Implants Cost

Single Dental Implant – The cost to replace one tooth with a dental implant that is restored with a dental crown will depend on a few of factors mentioned. However, in most cases, it ranges between $3,000 and $6,000.

Multiple Dental Implants – To replace more than one tooth on an arch is harder to estimate. The factors such as how many teeth are missing and the number of dental implants you will need will affect the price greatly. It can cost between $8,000 and $50,000 to replace missing teeth on one arch.

These quotes include the cost of treatment, materials, and preparatory procedures. It is important to understand that these are just estimates and should not be used as a final cost for your case. To determine how much your treatment will cost, you will need to schedule a consult with Dr. Thompson where he will examine your entire mouth and analyze your specific needs and circumstances. Then we can put together an estimated cost of treatment for you.

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