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Custom Mouthguard Greeley, CO

Dr. Thompson provides custom mouthguards in Greeley, CO for the athlete in your family. A mouthguard can be used for a variety of reasons and can serve to correct a dental problem or protect your teeth and gums. Dr. Thompson recommends that athletic patients who participate in contact sports of all ages use a custom sports mouthguard to avoid trauma and permanent damage to their teeth and gums. Dr. Thompson recommends and offers custom-fit sports mouthguards to protect the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth from injury during play.

A custom sports mouthguard can offer additional benefits when compared to over the counter options available at stores:

  • Custom, comfortable and stable fit: using your dental impressions, your custom mouthguard is made for you and your unique smile. It will fit snugly over your teeth and gums.
  • Reduced energy loss in play: a custom sports mouthguard does not rely on jaw clenching to keep it in place, allowing your body’s total energy to be devoted to your athletic performance- it is also less distracting.
  • Allows you to drink fluids and speak while in place: less bulky than other options, your custom mouthguard enables you to consume fluids and communicate more clearly with teammates during games.
  • Maximum protection: a custom fit mouthguard offers the best possible protection for your teeth and gums, including oral appliances and braces.

Protect your oral health and the investment you have made in your smile with a custom sports mouthguard. Thompson Advanced Dentistry also offers other general dental services to help protect your smile for excellent long-term dental health.

Teeth do not grow back!

Mouthguards are also important for patients wearing orthodontic or any other type of oral appliances as these can cause additional damage on impact or become dislodged and damaged too. Dr. Thompson can fit you or your child in his dental office in Greeley, with a custom mouthguard fabricated from dental materials for better shock absorption than over-the-counter models. Custom sports mouthguards also fit snugly over the teeth and do not require the wearer to clench their jaw in order to keep it in place: this can eventually cause additional dental problems and also creates added stress on the body during play.

How do I get fitted for a sports mouthguard?

We can fit anyone for a mouthguard in our dental office. Fitting requires one visit for taking dental impressions. The mouthguard will be completed in a lab and ready in a couple of weeks.

Mouthguards For TMJ Treatment

Dr. Thompson may recommend the use of a mouthguard, often called a night guard, to address a bite problem or teeth grinding. This type of oral appliance is custom designed to reposition the jaw and allow the teeth to make proper contact without creating muscle tension. Worn nightly, a mouthguard can reduce common symptoms associated with TMJ such as jaw pain and headaches.

If you or your child are active in sports, especially contact sports, a custom sports mouthguard may be your most important piece of equipment! Give us a call at 970.205.9614 for more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thompson today.