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Dentures and partial dentures have been a long-standing tooth replacement option for patients missing several consecutive or a full arch of teeth. Traditionally, dentures have been a removable appliance that requires daily cleaning and the use of an adhesive to keep in place and provide a stable bite. Today’s dental patients enjoy a broader range of far superior options. An experienced restorative dentist, Dr. Thompson works with patients on an individual basis to replace missing teeth. We will recommend the most suitable option for your oral health needs, aesthetic goals, and budget.

Dentures: what are the options?

Dentures can be either removable or fixed, using several dental implants to secure it permanently in place. When it comes to choosing the right type of denture for your needs, Dr. Thompson will evaluate all aspects of your oral health and take other important factors into consideration:

  • Condition of your jaw bone
  • Condition of the gums
  • Function and stability of the bite

Whenever considered a viable option Dr. Thompson will recommend an implant-supported denture. This type of denture not only restores the most natural function and aesthetics but also provides benefits for your long term oral health. The most important of these benefits is the support of bone health and structure in the jaw. When a tooth or several teeth are lost the bone where tooth roots used to become diminished, changing the fit of the bite and the shape of the lower jaw over time. the placement of dental implants helps to stabilize bone tissue and stimulate natural production of tissue to reduce bone loss in the jaw.

Dr. Thompson also offers All On Four for the immediate placement of a full denture. This unique procedure was developed to enable a wider range of edentulous patients or those needing a partial or full mouth of new teeth to receive a complete new smile the same day as a result of advanced treatment planning. All On Four can be completed in our office for convenient, comfortable and consistent care.

Schedule A Denture Consultation in Greeley

If you have missing teeth or have been suffering from a slipping denture, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson. He will discuss your needs and appropriate tooth replacement options after an exam. Contact our Greeley dentist office at 970.205.9614 or request an appointment online.