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Chipped Tooth Greeley, CO

One of the most common dental injuries we see is a chipped tooth. It is not a dental emergency unless it exposes the inside of the tooth and causes great pain. However, you should never ignore a chip in your tooth either. We suggest that you contact your local Greeley, CO dentist as soon as possible to have your dentist look at it. Even the smallest chip in your tooth can lead to further damage. It can weaken your tooth and cause it break even more. Also, it may allow bacteria to enter in inner most part of the tooth. This can cause a very painful infection.

Dr. Joseph Thompson is a Greeley, CO dentist that offers many types of treatment for chipped teeth. After a thorough exam, he will recommend the appropriate treatment for your chipped tooth.

Treatment for a Chipped Tooth in Greeley, CO

Treatment for a Chipped Tooth in Greeley, CO

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the first treatment your dentist will try for a minor chipped tooth. This is because it is easy and affordable. It involves using a composite resin material that will match your tooth. Your dentist will apply it directly onto the tooth and then mold and smooth it into shape. Then they will harden the resin by using a UV light. Dental bonding is not permanent and you will need to take good care of your teeth in order for it to last long.

Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer is a very thin casing that your dentist will bond to the front and side of a tooth to hide broken parts of a tooth. It is often used to treat teeth with chips and other kinds of damage. The dental veneer is custom made from impressions of your tooth in a dental lab. We can even match the color of it to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Dental Crown

A large chip, especially to a molar, may require a dental crown. Capping the tooth is likely the best treatment when a large portion of the tooth suffers damage. A tooth crown will cover the entire tooth protecting it from more damage and allowing it to be strong enough to function again. The dental crown process requires two visits to our Greeley, CO dental office.

Root Canals

While root canal therapy is not a typical treatment for a chipped tooth, it is sometimes necessary. Patients who have a severe chip in their tooth or fail to seek treatment for their chipped tooth may need a root canal. A severe chip can lead to damage to the inside tissue of the tooth. Failing to seek treatment allows bacteria to enter the tooth and cause an infection. In both of these instances, your dentist will need to remove the damaged or diseased tissue with root canal therapy.

How to Prevent a Chipped Tooth

Preventing a chipped tooth is easier than you think. While you cannot eliminate all possibilities, you can surely lower your risk of it happening. People chip their teeth all the time during sporting events and games. We offer custom mouthguards to protect your teeth and gums during sports. A custom mouth piece from a dentist is better than a store bought one because it is made of thicker and strong material. This will better protect your teeth and prevent chips.

Another common cause for chips in your teeth is teeth grinding. This occurs mostly during the night when you are sleeping. You may not even know you are grinding them until your dentist points out your chipped teeth. We offer night guards that you wear at night while you sleep to protect your teeth. This a conservative way to protect your teeth from chips, cracks, and damage.