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Teeth Whitening Greeley, CO

Teeth whitening can be a quick, economical and impactful way to makeover your smile and boost your confidence. Dr. Thompson, your local dentist in Greeley, CO can whiten and brighten your smile with safe, professional treatment at Thompson Advanced Dentistry. We are full-service cosmetic dentistry in Weld County, CO.

teeth whitening treatment in Greeley ColoradoWhy choose the dentist for teeth whitening?

There is a wide range of tooth whitening products available for purchase in local stores and online. However, treatment in our dental office will offer a superior result that is tailored to your aesthetic needs and dental health condition. Dr. Thompson will take the time to discuss your goals and evaluate the condition of your smile to determine if a tooth whitening treatment is the best solution for your needs.

Your tooth whitening treatment will be monitored to ensure that any possible side effects such as sensitivity are minimized and that the results are consistent and natural-looking.

There are certain types of tooth stains that can be resistant to professional teeth whitening. For this reason, we offer both the KoR system, which can penetrate tooth enamel at a deeper level, and a range of cosmetic and restorative treatment options to change the color of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options in Greeley, CO

Dr. Thompson will recommend the most suitable option for whitening your teeth and providing the results you desire. We offer in-office and customized take-home whitening kits as well as a full range of cosmetic treatments that can provide more permanent results.
KoR teeth whitening in Greeley CO

  • KoR Teeth Whitening: the KoR system is one of the most advanced professional teeth whitening products available. It uses a unique approach to whitening teeth based on studies of the effects that traditional whitening gels have on tooth enamel and how long they are effective. With KoR, there is an in-office treatment visit and take-home trays to complete the process over time. KoR can also be used to address tetracycline stains for most patients.
  • Tooth bonding: for a single discolored tooth or teeth considered resistant to whitening treatment, Dr. Thompson can use tooth bonding to change the color of the tooth with lasting results.
  • Porcelain veneers: if you would like a permanent result, Dr. Thompson can use porcelain veneers to makeover your smile and provide a brighter, whiter appearance.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

Most patients over the age of 14 are candidates for teeth whitening, as long as there are no other dental problems that could impact results. Dr. Thompson recommends that you begin with a clean, healthy foundation for the best outcome. Existing concerns such as decay and gum disease could result in sensitivity or damage to tissues.

Is tooth whitening covered by dental insurance?

Tooth whitening is considered an elective cosmetic treatment and is not covered by dental health benefits. We will provide all treatment cost information for your consideration before your treatment and offer convenient payment options.

Will teeth whitening leave my teeth permanently sensitive?

No. Professional teeth whitening at the dentist is the safest option for your teeth. We use FDA-certified materials and products considered safe for all patients. Some patients report temporary sensitivity to hot and cold foods, but this symptom goes away in a couple of days.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

No, both professional teeth whitening at the dentist and over-the-counter teeth whitening kits cannot offer permanent results. Your teeth are always susceptible to new stains after teeth whitening procedures, so no teeth whitening procedure is permanent. Your initial treatment can last you up to three years if you maintain your teeth by avoiding foods that stain and keeping an excellent oral health routine.

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