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Maintaining Your Oral Health

At Thompson Advanced Dentistry, our dental team wants to ensure that patients are maintaining their oral hygiene at home, even during this stressful time. Stress and poor oral hygiene can cause or exacerbate dental problems. Contact Dr. Joseph Thompson and his Greeley, CO dental team at 970.205.9614. You can also request a consultation with Dr. Thompson online. There are multiple common dental problems to look out for that are caused by stress. Learn more below:

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Mouth Sores

Mouth sores, such as canker or cold sores, often spring up in response to emotional stress. They can also be triggered by infections, hormones, and vitamin deficiencies. When you have a mouth sore, be sure you refrain from eating sour foods or drinking sour drinks, as this will be an irritant. There are topical gels and ointments found in many stores that relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and prevent infection.

Teeth Grinding

One of the most common unconscious physical reactions to stress is clenching and grinding teeth. The next time you are feeling stressed, pay attention; you may find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth without meaning to. Grinding teeth, or bruxism, can cause headaches, jaw pain, and undue wear. If left untreated, bruxism can ruin jaw alignment and even develop into a more complex problem such as TMJ. Since much grinding occurs during sleep, a nighttime mouthguard may be your best bet to combat this issue to protect teeth and stop bruxism.

Poor Oral Hygiene and Diet

Patients who are stressed may not be giving themselves the time to brush teeth or floss regularly. In addition, a poor diet resulting from stress can cause a lack of vitamins and nutrients. These vitamins and nutrients not only benefit your physical health but your oral health as well. Be sure you are eating regular, healthy meals and snacks.