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Teeth Bonding Evans, CO

Thompson Advanced Dentistry is a trusted dentist office located near Evans, CO. Home to Dr. Joseph Thompson, we offer many treatments to tackle tooth damage including dental bonding. Teeth bonding is a simple and pain free solution that delivers incredible results.

Teeth Bonding Evans, CO

What is Teeth Bonding?

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require extensive tooth preparation. It involves placing a composite resin material on the damaged portion of the tooth and molding it into the desired shape. Because it is highly malleable, it will be done by hand by Dr. Thompson who is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. The bonding material will be color matched to match the rest of your natural teeth and blend in nicely. Dental bonding can be used for many cosmetic or restorative purposes including to:

  • Close the gap in between teeth
  • Repair teeth that are chipped or broken
  • Treat a small tooth cavity
  • Correct misshapen teeth
  • Make a tooth appear longer
  • Cover up stained teeth

The Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

Teeth bonding is a very affordable treatment option that can be completed in a single office visit to our Evans, CO area dentist office. Additionally, it is not painful and there is not much prep work required. In a single office visit, you can have your smile repaired and go about your day afterwards. You can expect the results to last about five to ten years if you continue with proper oral hygiene habits.

On the contrary, dental bonding is not the most superior solution for tooth damage. Other treatments like porcelain veneers will last longer, are more durable, and resist stains better. After the bonding it set, technically your tooth is in two pieces, the bonding portion and the natural tooth. There is a chance that separation can occur. This is why chewing very hard objects like ice or hard candy should be avoided at all costs. Also, chewing on things like your finger nails or pen caps can break the bonding as well.

With that being said, bonding is a great solution for someone who is not ready to commit to a more permanent solution. If cared for properly, it is capable of lasting a decade.

Dental Bonding FAQs

Will the bonding ruin my tooth?

Dental bonding is not a permanent dental restoration. Over time, the bonding material will fade, chip, or crack but this will not affect your natural tooth enamel at all. In fact, bonding is a great way to fix and protect the tooth until you are ready to find a more permanent solution.

Will the bonded tooth look natural?

Yes! Dr. Thompson is a skilled cosmetic dentist and will shape the material into the desired shape by hand until it blends in perfectly. The bonding material is formulated to resemble the natural shade of teeth. Most people will not even notice you have a bonded tooth.

Thompson Advanced Dentistry is your local Evans, CO dentist office that offers teeth bonding treatment. Contact our office today to learn how it can improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile. You can reach us at 970.205.9614 or by filling out our online form.