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Dental Bridge Johnstown, CO

Dr. Joseph Thompson is a talented restorative dentist that has helped many patients replace their missing teeth. A dental bridge is a popular dental restoration used to “bridge” the gap between teeth when missing one or several consecutive teeth. Dr. Thompson is currently welcoming patients from Johnstown, CO who have missing or damaged teeth and seek replacement solutions. He also provides general dental services for patients who need them.

Dental Bridge Johnstown CO

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a custom-fabricated dental restoration that replaces a set of consecutive missing teeth. The bridge work consists of a series of fused-together prosthetic teeth. We attach a dental crown on both ends to abutment teeth or dental implants and are responsible for supporting the bridge. The fake teeth in the middle are called pontics.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant Supported Dental Bridge Johnstown CO

A dental bridge secured to dental implants instead of the adjacent teeth is the best option for oral health and aesthetic purposes. However, not everyone will qualify for implants. You will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thompson to see if an implant-supported bridge will work for you. Here, he will also discuss each option’s pros and cons. Dr. Thompson will help you determine which restoration is the best option for you and your unique needs.

A dentist surgically places implants in the jaw bone, which helps preserve the bone structure. With traditional fixed bridges, there is nothing to prevent bone loss.

While fixed bridges are sturdy, they place a lot of pressure on the abutment teeth. We grind down the abutment teeth to accommodate the bridgework. This can lead to the weakening of those teeth and decay. If one of those abutment teeth becomes compromised, it will affect the entire bridgework. An implant-supported restoration does not require the use of healthy, remaining teeth.

The downside to dental implants is that they cost more, and the treatment time is very long. A traditional fixed bridge can be fabricated and placed in less than a month, while it can take up to six months to have implants placed.

The Dental Bridge Process

The process to have a dental bridge placed will require several visits to our Johnstown, CO-area dentist office. During your first appointment, Dr. Thompson will take several impressions of your teeth to fabricate your dental bridge. He will prepare the abutment teeth by reducing them, which is necessary to accommodate the crown portion of the bridge. Depending on the gap, we’ll place a temporary dental bridge until your permanent one is ready.

You will return to our office for permanent placement when your bridge is ready. Dr. Thompson will bond the crown to the prepared teeth and make any final adjustments.

This will take longer if you choose to secure your bridge with dental implants. The first step is to have the implant posts surgically placed in the jaw bone. The implants will take about three to six months to integrate with the surrounding bone. Once the implants have fully fused, you will return to our Johnstown, CO area dentist office, where the permanent dental bridge will be attached to the dental implants.