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Protect Your Jaw with Dental Implants

Missing teeth can create oral health concerns in dental patients, even if the underlying cause of tooth loss has been treated. You might have trouble speaking or eating, but your jawbone may be negatively affected as well.

Permanent tooth replacement treatment with dental implants can help you avoid these dental problems, including in your jaw. Dr. Joseph Thompson, an expert dentist located in Greeley, CO, explains how dental implants can preserve bone in the jaw after a patient has suffered tooth loss.

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How Does Tooth Loss Affect the Jaw?

A healthy tooth includes a root that extends below the gumline and reaches to the jaw. There, it will stimulate the bone and keep it strong and stable. After tooth loss, the jaw can no longer receive stimulation and will begin to deteriorate.

If this occurs, patients may notice remaining teeth begin to shift out of place, worsening their oral capabilities. This may make it harder to complete their oral hygiene routine properly and effectively. They can also experience the appearance of facial sagging.

How Will Dental Implants Help Jawbone?

Dental implants can replace one, several, or an entire arch of missing teeth. The fixture includes a titanium post anchor that a dentist surgically inserts into the jaw. When this heals, the dentist secures a prosthetic tooth, bridge, or denture to an abutment attached to this anchor.

The anchor replaces the missing tooth root so that the jaw can receive stimulation once again. This stops the weakening of the jawbone and also encourages any bone that was lost to regenerate. These patients can preserve the structure of their jaw, teeth, and face with this treatment. Removable tooth replacement devices cannot offer these same restorative benefits.

Can My Jaw Support a Dental Implant?

In order for a dentist to surgically place the anchor in the jaw, there must be enough bone to support the titanium post. If too much bone has deteriorated following tooth loss, your jaw may not be strong enough to receive this implant.

In cases like this, your dentist may recommend a bone graft, an oral surgery that will build more stability in the jaw that can ultimately sustain a dental implant. If this treatment is not possible, you can explore alternative tooth replacement solutions with your dentist.

A dental professional will evaluate the structure of your jaw and determine your eligibility for implant dentistry treatment during a consultation appointment. This examination can be done through x-ray imaging.

Dental Implants Available in Greeley, CO

Thompson Advanced Dentistry offers dental implants and other tooth replacement solutions to eligible patients in Greeley, CO. Dr. Thompson also specializes in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry, including laser dental treatments, for patients of all ages. If you feel nervous about upcoming dental work, ask your dental professional about sedation dentistry options. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our practice, contact our staff by phone at 970.205.9614 or reach our office online.