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Dental Implants vs. Removable Dentures

At Thompson Advanced Dentistry in Greeley, CO, we offer several options for replacing missing teeth and restoring your oral health. Some of the most popular restorative treatments for patients are dental implants and dentures. A dental implant is made of a durable titanium post that is surgically implanted into your jaw bone and finished with a dental crown. Removable dentures are a set of artificial teeth that fit over the gums.

We will often recommend dental implant-secured restorations over removable dentures because they last longer and have a more natural-looking result. Dr. Joseph Thompson offers implant-secured dentures and single dental implants to his patients. Before every treatment, Dr. Thompson will evaluate your gums and teeth and review your treatment options with you. Call our Greeley, CO dental office today at 970.205.9614 or schedule an appointment online to revitalize your smile.

Restorative Dental Care in Greeley, Colorado

Comparing Implants to Dentures

There are several factors for patients to consider before making a decision about restorative treatment, such as:

Bone Loss: If you’re already missing a tooth or multiple teeth, you are more at risk for additional bone loss. We recommend dental implants over dentures because they stimulate the jaw bone and promote further bone growth.

Facial Appearance: Missing teeth can cause aesthetic problems such as facial sagging. Both dentures and dental implants are meant to keep the natural shape of your lower jaw and face. However, dental implants look more like natural teeth when compared to dentures. The dental crowns that cover dental implants can also be color-matched to natural teeth.

Cost: Although dentures may cost less than dental implants up front, they will need to be replaced, realigned, or rebased over time. This cost can add up depending on the wear and tear of your dentures. Dental implants may seem like they cost more upfront, but they are a longer-lasting solution with fewer repairs needed.

Fit and Comfort: Some dentures require messy adhesive and may feel uncomfortable in the mouth. Removable dentures will not restore complete chewing function and often slip. Dental implants will renew all of your normal chewing function and feel stable in the mouth.