Gum Disease

Gum Disease & Periodontal Treatment in Greeley, CO

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a progressive gum infection that can gradually develop into an aggressive condition requiring extensive dental treatment. Though the majority of adults encounter gum disease at some point, it is preventable and easily treatable if caught in the early stages. If left untreated however, gum disease can cause irreversible damage to the soft tissue and bone. At Thompson Advanced Dentistry, gum disease patients can receive professional treatment for gum disease from Greeley dentist Dr. Joseph Thompson. Our practice offers treatments for all stages of periodontal disease, as well as professional guidance for all of our patients. 

What Causes Gum Disease?

The cause of gum disease can be traced to poor dental hygiene. Inadequate or infrequent brushing and flossing allow plaque to harden into tartar, building up along the gum line and between teeth.  Likewise, teeth that are not cleaned regularly by a dental specialist are more prone to tartar build up. Gum disease occurs when the gums to become infected with bacteria that may result in inflammation, bleeding and pain.Gum Disease & Periodontal Treatment in Greeley

Periodontal disease can be broken down into three distinct phases:

Gingivitis – During the initial phase, the soft tissue surrounding your teeth may not show signs of the disease. Patients with gingivitis may notice their gums bleed while brushing and flossing and they may develop bad breath, or some soreness when biting and chewing. Treatment at this point can both eradicate the bacteria and avoid permanent damage to the soft tissue. 

– As gum disease progresses, it becomes more challenging to treat the deeper. Periodontitis can be very painful as tartar continues to develop below the gums, forming pockets between the teeth and gums. As these pockets are difficult to clean with just brushing and flossing, the pockets attract more bacteria and debris. This only enlarges the pockets and makes it more difficult for patients to fully clean their teeth without professional assistance. Symptoms of this stage include gums recession and a widening in the gaps between the teeth. 

Advanced Periodontitis
– This final stage of gum disease sees significant damage to the soft tissue, tooth and bone as bacteria begins to attack these dental structures. If left untreated, the teeth may loosen or fall out. 

Gum Disease Therapy by Thompson Advanced Dentistry

There are many ways to treat periodontal disease. For patients with gingivitis or minor to moderate periodontal disease, Dr. Thompson may utilize scaling and root planing to thoroughly remove the tartar and bacteria from the teeth and below the gum line. This may be combined with an antibiotic therapy to treat the infection and encourage correct healing. For those patients with more invasive treatment for their advanced periodontal disease, you may who require a more advanced treatment such as bone grafting to halt the progression of the disease and treat the often extensive damage. 

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