Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full-mouth reconstruction consists of several procedures necessary to restore oral health and function for patients with damaged smiles. Our Greeley dentist, Dr. Joseph Thompson develops a course of action for each procedure within treatment plans for oral rehabilitation. Full-mouth reconstruction is performed in stages. Our experienced and knowledgeable dentist will create a plan that brings best results in the shortest amount of time.Dr. Thompson Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Greeley

When is Full-Mouth Reconstruction is Necessary?

A traumatic injury to the mouth, poor oral hygiene, or problems such as teeth grinding may require full-mouth reconstruction to restore oral health.

A full mouth reconstruction is a dental makeover where health, function, and beauty are taken into account. This comprehensive treatment is life-changing for people who need complex care. Dr. Thompson loves to perform full-mouth reconstruction because it has such a positive impact on patients in so many different ways.

Developing an Organized Treatment Plan

The first step to full-mouth reconstruction is a consultation in which Dr. Thompson thoroughly examines your mouth, to diagnose problem(s) and discuss how best to proceed with treatment. Designing rehabilitative treatment includes several steps:

- Examination of the teeth, to determine what kinds of restorations are needed. Teeth can be restored with crowns or bridges, or replaced with dental implants.
- Examination of the gums, to determine if gum disease is present, and whether periodontal treatments such as scaling and root planing are required
- Diagnostic imaging with x-rays and digital photographs, as well as impressions, are taken to check for bite problems that may require orthodontic treatment
- Aesthetics are also taken into account: the size and shape of teeth, and how well they fit together.

Treatment plans are unique to each patient, depending on the extent of the decay or damage, and on what procedures are necessary to restore your smile to full health and function. Your treatment plan is designed to ensure that the most pressing matters are taken care of first, and that the reconstruction is completed in as little time as possible.
In all cases, Dr. Thompson discusses reconstruction and recommended procedures thoroughly, before finalizing the treatment plan. This ensures that you know what's going on at each stage of treatment, and what kind of results you can expect after treatment is complete.

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A full-mouth reconstruction can completely change your life, restoring health, function, and beauty to your smile. If you have questions about treatment or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us at Thompson Advanced Dentistry in Greeley, CO.

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