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At Thompson Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Joseph S. Thompson offers a wide variety of preventative solutions for young patients in Greeley. As a family dentist, Dr. Thompson understands the importance of halting the development of decay early in life while also educating patients. Instilling firm and healthy habits during early phases can ensure the long-term health, beauty, and function of our smiles. To this end, we incorporate fluoride treatment and dental sealants in order to help children combat decay and prevent cavities, among other issues.

How Fluoride Improves Your Smile

Fluoride is a mineral featured in many of the foods and drinks we intake daily. More than likely, the toothpaste you use daily contains fluoride as well. It helps keep our teeth strong, both before and after their eruption. During each appointment, we apply a fluoride solution directly to a patient’s teeth. This solution strengthens enamel, making your teeth more resistant to the harmful effects of plaque and bacteria. In some cases, fluoride can even help rebuild the enamel in developing teeth.

Protecting Your Teeth with Sealants

It can be difficult for children to thoroughly cleanse posterior teeth. With this in mind, we provide young patients with sealants in order to help them prevent food particles from sticking to the teeth. This thin coats of plastic are painted directly on the surface of teeth, making it difficult for decay-causing bacteria to feed and cause cavities.

Studies have shown that sealants have become a reliable method of preventing cavities. With the combination of fluoride treatment, sealants, and maintaining proper oral hygiene habits at home, your child can help protect the long-term health of both their smile and their body.

Compassionate Family Dentistry in Greeley

Dr. Thompson and his highly-trained team can see patients as soon as they have reached their first birthday. It’s important to develop a trusting relationship with a dentist early in life, not only because of the health benefits but also to become accustomed to a dental environment. We work to instill good habits in our patients, coaching them on prevention so that they can adequately preserve their oral and overall health between appointments.

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Whether it’s your child’s first appointment or their latest, Dr. Joseph S. Thompson and his team treat each patient with compassion and quality service. To schedule your appointment, call our office in Greeley today! We look forward to serving your family.
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